Our Story

In 2023, Born Again Athletix was founded by Matthew and Deserai Anaya, a dedicated husband and wife team. Born Again represents those who have embraced Jesus as their Savior and are committed to following him.

Their vision is to motivate athletes to proudly wear their gear and continue their journey as disciples of Christ. With a passion for both Jesus and sports, they set out to create a business that combines the two, giving rise to Born Again Athletix.

At the core of Born Again Athletix is the belief that unity in prayer leads to victory. Just as in sports, where teamwork is essential for winning, the same principle applies to faith.

Matthew hails from California, while Deserai is from Michigan. They met while serving in the United States Navy and were married in July 2015. The couple has two sons, Matthew and Alexander, both enthusiastic baseball players. When not working, you can often find Matthew and Deserai cheering on their boys from the ball field sidelines!